PURA GROVE is not just any olive oil. We take great pride in offering you USDA-Certified Organic Olive Oil, which is grown, harvested, and bottled at our California farm. What makes it special?

  1. PURA GROVE Olive Oil is a Multi-Award Winner. We won Best Olive Oil Gold or Silver medals in the world’s most prestigious contest in 2020, 2021, and 2023! (In 2022, the harvest didn’t yield enough for us to compete). This year is a bumper crop!

2. Our Olive Oil is USDA-Certified Organic. “It’s a healthier product,” explains our Property Manager Ed Gonzalez. Our olive trees are grown on soil that is not polluted by pesticides or fungicides. While it’s time-intensive to create the conditions and meet the standards required for USDA certification, it enables us to offer you a product with a credential that you can trust wholeheartedly.


3. A High Level of Antioxidants. These molecules protect your body against damage caused by free radicals. We ensure a high level of antioxidants by cold pressing within a day of harvesting, and we routinely test for levels after the process is complete.

4. We grow ten varieties of olives right here on our property: coratina, frantoio, leccino, manzanilla, mission, pendolino, picual, picholine, sevillano, and taggiasca. This enables us to offer a superior olive oil since each type of olive has a unique flavor profile. Blending them allows us to achieve the freshest, most complex flavor palate for you.


5. Our three-machine process extracts the best oil. We have three sophisticated machines –a melaxer, a centrifuge, and a separator–  onsite. Our machines extract the purest oil for your enjoyment.

6. We bend to Mother Nature’s schedule for best results! We hand harvest our olives at the optimal time and cold press them the same day. Timing is crucial since olives, as a fresh fruit, deteriorate and start to lose nutrients after they are off the tree. Since every part of the process – from growing the olives to bottling the oil – is handled onsite, we benefit from autonomy and the ability to choose the optimal timing for each activity