About Us

Welcome to Pitchouline….

We are a small family owned and operated olive farm.

Our unique location in Deluz valley of San Diego’s county Deluz offers us a unique climate, a distinctive terroir and a generous aquifer. The region’s Mediterranean microclimate provides our olive trees a perfect blend of daytime heat and low nighttime temperatures. 

Right from the infancy of our vision, we believed that the quality of our olive oil starts in the soil and made a commitment to never use chemicals. We prepare our own biodynamic compost and use cover crops. We also manually harvest our fruit and only produce cold first pressed olive oil to guarantee an optimal quality. 

We are USDA certified organic and practice sustainable biodynamic agriculture. 

Every year, we strive to hand harvest our olives at optimal time and cold press within a few hours with our on site state of the art mill. This is our guarantee to deliver high level of healthy antioxidants as well as intricate and delicate aromas. 

It is pure, raw, healthy… Enjoy.