Nourishing Farm Soups

Nourishing Farm Soups

Mother Earth exhibits an array of amazing superfoods. Our time outdoors connecting with nature teaches us so much about the nutrients she offers. It's so convenient to find our foods displayed on shelves in the supermarket. The vegetables have been harvested, transported, displayed, stored in our refrigerators. By the time they reach us there are so little nutrients left in them.

Everyday I meander with the children and forage our wild greens. Dr. Thomas Cowan from Westonaprice Foundation attests to incorporating as many wild greens into the diet everyday to encourage a heathy microbiome.

Dylan cuts a giant Milk Thistle for Soup

On our farm we have an abundance of Stinging Nettles, Milk Thistle, Lambs Quarters, Evening Primrose, Lovage, Water Cress, Purslane, Mustard Greens, Wild Lettuce, Wild Radish, Red Raspberry, Plantain, Clover, Yarrow, Wild Oats, Mint, Calendula, Pineapple Chamomile, Mugwort, Curly Dock Hyssop, Mallow...and the list goes on.

Gigi holding Milk Thistle Sprout which we eat raw before the spikes hurt!

After simmering my grass-fed bones for twelve to twenty-four hours into a bone broth I then gather my fresh greens from the farm. Blend my variety of green in about 6 cups of bone broth in my Vitamix and bring it to a gentle simmer for about five minutes to break down the oxalates found in dark leafy greens.

Our family enjoy a blood cleansing soup of stinging nettles, sautés leeks and garlic in our Certified Organic Olive Oil until soft. Add 6 cups of homemade bone broth, bring to a simmer and toss fresh Stinging Nettle Leaf until they wilt. Add two tablespoons of Organic Creme Fraiche or Sour Cream and blend. (Do not overcook nettles) Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

Stinging Nettles have amazing health benefits. It is a blood cleanser and detoxify the body, improves metabolic efficiency, improves energy levels. It's aids in allergy's and improves respiratory conditions, regulates hormones, lowers inflammation and blood pressure.

Drizzle our Certified Organic Olive Oil for additional antioxidants and phenols.