Serenity on Sandia Creek

Serenity on Sandia Creek

If you haven’t spent much time in southern California, it may evoke images of sunny beaches and traffic-clogged freeways. But while these things surely do exist, there is so much more to experience!

At PURA GROVE, we value serenity and the chance to appreciate nature up close and undisturbed. PURA GROVE’s farm is in a beautiful, remote corner of northern San Diego County, on a private road far from traffic and noise. 

While we are 25 miles from the ocean, we have a waterfall, a pond, and a creek right on our property. Sandia Creek is a tributary of the Margarita River and it flows for over 10 miles. It flows through appx. 10 acres of our land. Since it’s a perennial stream, it flows year-round. 


Something about Sandia serenity makes it all that you need for a beautiful break from the stress of modern life. We invite guests to relax and sit by the pond or the creek and unwind. 


PURA GROVE’s farm is in De Luz Heights, an unincorporated agricultural area on the outskirts of Fallbrook. Our neighbors up and down the road have avocado farms, coffee farms, and dragon fruit farms. The area’s rolling chaparral hills lend themselves to agriculture and the region benefits from a Mediterranean Climate where grapes and olives flourish.  We grow both on the property.


The farm is just two miles from the edges of Riverside County’s Temecula, famed for its wineries and hot air balloons. Old Temecula’s shopping street, Historic Front Street, is 9 miles from us. Guests to the farm can head out to visit it if they wish. But we find that most people prefer to wander our grounds and enjoy the solitude and peacefulness, rather than drive towards town. You’ll find everything you need to relax at PURA GROVE. Come book a stay with us and enjoy!