With Love from Our California Farm

With Love from Our California Farm

In these days of everything high-tech and virtual, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple purity of nature. This includes nourishing, organically-farmed food. We invite you to experience the beauty of our PURA GROVE California fruit farm. It is a place of sunshine, rest and hard work, rolling hills, and dedication.

Here on the outskirts of Fallbrook in San Diego County, we grow avocados, grapes, olives, mandarins, and dragon fruit. The farm has sycamore and oak trees, a creek, and a pond with ducks, geese, and birds.


We harvest, process and bottle our olive oil here. This is important to you because there is so much fraudulent olive oil currently on the market, including adulterated olive oil from overseas. We welcome you to visit our farm and take our tour to see our grounds and processes!



We also grow other fruits here and bottle them at our solar-powered facility in Orange County, California. You can say southern California sunshine powers our offerings all the way through!

Six people work our farm starting at 630am. The day’s chores include composting, pruning, maintaining the plants, and checking the water lines for irrigation. To ensure the healthiest outcomes, our water goes through three filtration systems prior to arriving at our trees.

Ed Gonzalez, our Property Manager, says, “We’re organic. We don’t use chemicals or pesticides. It’s all manually or naturally taken care of – we run on well water.”

What makes our products special? For Ed, it starts with “just the amount of work we put into maintaining an organic farm. It creates a lot more work for us, but it’s a healthier product that we’re able to offer people.”

Can he share the inside scoop on working at PURA GROVE? “It’s very quiet, peaceful, very few neighbors,” Ed says. He feels the most beautiful sight is “the grapes when they bloom, especially in the morning”.




If you’re intrigued by the thought of relaxing at a working farm surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and scenic beauty, you’ll be glad to learn the grounds are also home to the Pitchouline Estate, a 7-bedroom villa whose rooms can be booked on Airbnb. One happy guest writes, “This place is a perfect retreat. It felt like the good old days when the world was so much simpler and people were closer to nature.” Our sentiments exactly! 

Even if a visit is not in the cards, you can rest safe in the knowledge that PURA D’OR handles all aspects of food production from farm to table-ready product. We take great pride in bringing you organic, ethically-sourced, American-made delicacies. Thank you for letting us serve you and Bon Appetit!