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NYIOOC Gold Award Winner 2020

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Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Every year, we thrive to hand harvest our olives at optimal time and cold press within a few hours with our on site state of the art mill. This is our guarantee to deliver high level of healthy antioxidants as well as intricate and delicate aromas.
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Oil And Us

Our unique location in San Diego County’s De Luz valley offers us a unique climate, a distinctive terroir and a generous aquifer. The region’s Mediterranean microclimate provides our olive trees with a perfect blend of daytime heat and low nighttime temperatures.

Every year, we strive to hand harvest our olives at the optimal time and to cold press within a few hours using our on-site, state-of-the-art mill. This is how we guarantee a high level of healthy antioxidants, as well as intricate, delicate aromas.

Using Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

  • Award Winner

    NYIOOC Gold Award 2020
    Silver Medal 2021
    Silver Medal 2022
  • 100% Organic

    USDA Organic Certified
  • Locally Grown

    Proudly harvesting locally in California with Bioviverse Soil
  • Health Benefits

    Improves gut health
    Provides immune support
    Promotes healthy digestion
    Rich in antioxidants

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